Custom PC upgrade service

Want to upgrade your existing PC but not sure how? No problem, just email us your current specs, and we can discuss your possible upgrade options.

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Upgrade your game

When you are looking for performance or visual upgrades to your existing computer.

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    RGB Lights: You might want to add some synchronise RGB lights to match your setup.
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    New case: Got a new GPU, and it's running a bit hot? Might want to get a new case with better airflow.
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    Water cooling: It's time to take cooling to another level. Water-cooled computers offer better overclocking.
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    Bottleneck removal: When your PC is not running quite as it should, you might have a bottleneck on CPU or GPU. It's all about the right balance.

Examples of upgrades for our customers

Improve your gaming

Bottleneck optimisation

Balanced gaming system

The ultimate match of components to suit your gaming style in full HD, 1440p or even 4K detail.

Cooling improvement

Cooling beyond cool

Want almost silent cooling while increasing the performance of your system? You'll need water cooling!

Get the look

Your own unique style

What is the right level of RGB lights? It depends on whom you ask. Get your own unique PC style.

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Improve your gaming PC performance

Book a video call with our technicians to discuss a possible upgrade path for your current system. We assemble a list of components to fit your upgrade budget.

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Your upgrade path plan

Use our one-to-one upgrade plan and a free consultation to get most of your upgrade budget.

  1. Step 1
    Send us an email
  2. Step 2
    We'll analyse your current system specs
  3. Step 3
    We prepare an upgrade path plan
  4. Step 4
    Bring your PC to us
  5. Step 5
    Your gaming PC is upgraded

Ready for upgrades?

Let's get your PC up to speed.
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