Let's build your dream gaming PC in Fleet

Would you like a professional PC builder near Fleet to build your dream gaming computer? Are you a parent looking for someone experienced to assemble a computer for your son or daughter? Buying a prebuilt computer may seem like a good choice, but if you want a gaming PC that's built just the way you want, contact Custom PC Genie now.

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High performance gaming PC builds in Fleet


Experienced PC builders

Building computers is in our blood; we've been building PCs for years. We put our heart and soul into building your dream gaming PC.


Tested, ready to play

When we build your gaming computer, it will be ready for you to use, so you can just hit the power button and start playing or streaming.


Balanced system

It wouldn't be a great gaming PC if there were bottlenecks and underperformance issues. Your PC will be perfectly balanced without bottlenecks.

Latest build

Building a gaming PC for Tamas from Farnborough

Tamas wanted us to build the first gaming PC for his son. They both had a basic idea about the parts but needed advice on how to get the best value for their £1,700 budget. Tamas wanted to start gaming with Fortnite, Apex Legends and Valorant multiplayer games. So we picked the best hardware for his 27 inches 1440p curved monitor.

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Building gaming PCs in Aldershot for any occassion

Not just PC builders in Fleet

Your dream PC, custom built by us

We understand that you don't want to get a prebuilt gaming PC because you want to have your own styled PC. That's why we hand build your gaming computer at our HQ in Ash Vale.


Getting PC parts

Most of our customers are happy to choose and buy all the parts themselves to put a personal touch to their computer. But if you need professional help when you want to build your PC in Fleet, we are here to help.


Building your dream PC

Once you get all the parts delivered, you can drop everything off at our HQ in Ash Vale. We will then assemble and build your gaming PC, install Windows 10 Pro and test everything works as it should.


Enjoy your gaming PC

You can then pick up your custom built PC, usually within 48 hours, and then enjoy using it. When you pick up your PC, you can pay the assembly fee using your card. We offer 30 day tune up service too.

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PC building company Fleet

When you want your PC build the way you want

We believe your dream gaming PC should look like you imagined.

Windows 10 Pro license

All our custom built computers include a genuine Windows 10 Pro license.

30 day tune up service

Want to tweak your gaming PC performance? Our customers get a free 30 day tune up.

5 star Trustpilot reviews

You want the best PC building company to build your gaming PC; we have the skills.

Available 7 days a week

Custom PC Genie can be reached by phone call, text message or email 7 days a week.

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Customers love their

Custom PC Genie can build your gaming PC in Fleet within 48 hours but also upgrade, repair and deep clean it.

Don't want a prebuilt PC? Let us build you a gaming PC in Fleet.

We've been building computers for years and would be happy to build your dream gaming PC. If you are looking for a professional PC building company near Fleet that knows what they are doing, let's talk!

Gaming PC build service Fleet

All our builds come with Windows 10 Pro installed, fully tested and ready to play with 30 day tune up service.

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£ 240
Price includes Windows 10 Pro license
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