Gaming PC repair service

When your custom gaming PC develops an issue or when your gaming PC doesn't start. Custom PC Genie gets you back on track with free investigation and fast repairs.

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Expert help when you need it the most


Heat distribution

Is your GPU overheating when you are playing a game? It could be bad news for your gaming PC and your wallet if you just ignore it.


Speed performance

Do you like waiting for ages for your PC and games to load? No, we didn't think so. So stop wasting your time; let's speed up your gaming PC!


Power issues

If you have a powerful graphics card or overclocked system and your power supply is underpowered, it won't last long.

Getting to the source of the problem

Custom PC Genie can investigate your gaming PC's issue for free and let you know how it can be fixed.

Free investigation

Investigating the issue on the same day you drop off your gaming PC.

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Is your gaming PC running hot or slow? Get it deep cleaned

When speed matters

Available 24/7
Need help with your gaming PC after 6 pm on a weekday? No problem! Desperate for professional help over the weekend, but everyone else is closed? Custom PC Genie is always available.
5 star reviews
Our Trustpilot reviews speak for themselves. Our priority is fixing your custom built gaming PC as fast as possible. We understand our customers are streamers and competitive game players and need to get back online fast.
Fast response
So, you sent someone an email and wait days for a reply. Not with Custom PC Genie, there's no excuse to not replying to customers within minutes, especially in this age when we are all on our smartphones.
Flexible drop off
Arranging to drop off your gaming PC so we can investigate the issue is easy and straightforward. Since we are working from our home in Ash Vale, GU12 5SG, you can let us know what day and time you would like to pop round.
Professional help
We are tech-savvy geeks with a passion for building and repairing computers from a young age. Through our experience and learning over the years, we know how to fix almost any gaming PC issue.
No fix no fee
Because the investigation is free, you have nothing to lose. We don't charge any deposits, and if we can't fix your gaming PC, then you have nothing to pay. You can then decide whether to go ahead.

Customers love Custom PC Genie

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Your custom built PC repair questions answered

Although we work from home, it's a residential area, and we don't want to disturb our neighbours. So when you need to have your gaming PC fixed, please let us know what day and time you would like to drop it off for a free investigation.

Based on the issue(s) you are experiencing with your gaming PC, we can take certain parts out of your PC to test them. Once we know what's causing the issue(s) and are confident that we can fix it, we will let you know how long it would take to fix and how much it will cost. You can then decide whether you would like to go ahead.

That would be a 'no'. In most cases, it takes a few hours to get the cause of the issue.

You can drop it off at our home address 19 Comet close, Ash Vale, GU12 5SG. Please let us know what day and time you would like to come.

You can pay using your credit or debit card. You pay only when we fix your PC.

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