Gaming computer build service

Expert computer builder service in Fleet, Guildford, Woking, Camberley and Aldershot and other Surrey areas. When you are serious about gaming, you need a specialist to assemble your new gaming rig. We are gamers too, and every computer we build is with the same level of care as it was our own. No compromises.

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Our Mission
Change the game!

A business born out of our passion for building powerful, balanced and beautiful gaming computers.

We are expert builders from Surrey, UK, with 20+ years of building gaming computers.

You may already have an idea about your next build, which is excellent; we can build your computer to your exact specs.

And if you are not sure, that's fine too. Just give us a call, and let's discuss your options.

Why have your gaming PC built by us?

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Expert builders

Skill and experience are always important. For the past 20 years, we have been building computers and gaming at the same time, of course.

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Ready to play

We deliver fully assembled, fully tested and ready to play gaming computers. Maybe it's just the perfect present for your big day!

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Customised for you

You tell us what you want, and we build it. Maybe you want an amazing 4K gaming rig, or maybe you want a 240FPS competitive gaming.

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1440p gaming

The gold standard for gaming nowadays is 2560 × 1440. And a ready to game system like this could cost around £1,500. It is tuned and tested.

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4K gaming

Gaming in spectacular 4K level detail is not going to be cheap. But an unprecedented picture is going to be all totally worth it.

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Competitive gameplay

If you are looking to squeeze the last few FPS from your system, that will put you ahead of the competition and make you the match-winner.

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Great work pays off

It's always great to hear from our clients: gamers, streamers and YouTubers just like you. Just check out their reviews on Trustpilot, Facebook and Google.

Daniel's gaming PCNew

A white themed gaming PC with RGB lights built in time for Daniel's birthday.

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    CPU: intel core i9 10850k
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    CPU cooler: corsair icue h100i elite cappelix 240mm white cpu cooler
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    Motherboard: Asus rog strix z490 a-gaming
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Building gaming PCs in Aldershot for any occassion

Don't want to build your own PC? Let us build your dream PC.

Custom PC Genie can expertly assemble your gaming PC within a few days, fully test it and have it ready for you to play.

Gaming PC build service

All our builds come with Windows 10 Pro installed, fully tested and ready to play with 30 day tune up service.

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£ 240
Price includes Windows 10 Pro license
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Gaming PCs built by Custom PC Genie

Your custom PC build questions answered

It depends on the level of gaming you expect. A good is to split gaming computers into the three most common categories. Low budget, mid-range and top tier gaming. Hardware that generally falls to these three means you can game in full HD, 1440p and 4K gaming - the ultimate top tier gaming.

If we consider a cost of an entire setup with monitor and basic peripherals, the budget would be £600-£1,000 then a good midrange gaming computer capable of 1440p gaming would be around £1,000-£1,600, and anything above that would be performance gaming setup with 4K gaming capabilities.

Yes, it certainly is the upper cost of an entry-level machine. Again, if we consider a price of a good monitor, a £1K budget would be sufficient to build a gaming rig capable of full HD gameplay in 1920x1080 resolution on a 24” to 27” monitor with 144Hz frequency.

We recommend a mid-range £1,000 to £1,500 cost of a full setup which would allow you to play in 1440p resolution without any compromises.

A custom-built computer has all the parts you want; it is precisely customised to you and has a professional assembly service, tweaked, tested, and ready to play. A well-balanced rig to play your favourite game.

A prebuilt is … well, not as good. It’s common practice to equip prebuilt machines with components that don’t sell well, and therefore, it can be a massive step down in quality. For example, a power supply might not be even rated to run that RTX card inside.

In short, a prebuilt is a quick and usually ugly solution with limited upgradability. An example would be a Dell Aurora desktop with just two 12m fans expected to cool RTX 3090, which is just ridiculous.

Most of the computers we build are assembled in 24 hours, and the rest is done in 48 hours max. We take care to assemble all components carefully, present cable management we are proud of and tweak bios settings as if it was our own computer.

We charge £240 to assemble your new gaming PC with the same care as if it was one of our own. Plus you get a free Windows 10 Pro license with it.

Yes of course you can bring your parts to us for assembly. If you choose to get us to order the parts for you, there is no surcharge on parts, our costing is transparent, and you get to approve the build every step.

We accept bank transfer or payment by all major credit/debit cards.

There has never been a better time to get into gaming. Apart from the silicon shortages and scalpers and ethereum miners getting in our way to get graphics cards, the gaming industry is growing. Technology allowing a mind-boggling detail in games never seen before, and thousands of games to choose from, it’s good to be gaming!

With 10th or even 11th generation, you can’t go wrong. Both are 4 cores with 8 threads clocking over 4GHz in turbo, the intel i5 is a solid performance CPU.

A budget-friendly Ryzen 5 is often the most popular choice. And for a good reason, with 6 cores, even a very CPU heavy AAA titles will run smoothly and for less.

Yes, it is cheaper to buy a prebuilt computer, but you should consider the implications. In many cases, you will find a limited upgradability and sub-mediocre components that might not last as long. Having your gaming PC built by a professional, you get the experience and skill to choose parts that are balanced, performance vs cost vs compatibility.

Often the choice of prebuilt computers is too confusing, and key details are hidden so that getting your pc build by a pro is the best cost-effective option.

Still have questions? Get in touch
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