Is the choice of computer parts a bit too much?

Are you feeling a little overwhelmed by the selection of all the different computer parts? You don't want to make a mistake ordering parts that are not compatible? We get it; you just want a good gaming computer.

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Expert help to get parts for your budget


Experienced PC builders

We have 20+ years of experience in building and repairing computers. Oh and we are gamers too!


Tested, ready to play

Each computer that we build is tweaked and fully tested as if it was one of our own.


Balanced system

The goal is to choose parts where you get the most performance out of your budget - a balanced computer.

Exceptional gaming experience

Let's first define your ultimate gaming experience. It could be competitive gaming where every FPS matters and puts you ahead of the competition. Maybe it is a stunning 1440p gaming in the greatest detail, or you just want to play your favourite game on a decent gaming computer. Whichever gaming experience you want, we can pick parts that meet your cost/budget expectations.


Getting PC parts

Most of our customers want us to get the parts, but if you're going to get the components yourself and deliver them to us, that's fine too.


Building your dream PC

Each gaming computer is carefully assembled, BIOS is tweaked, checked for the best performance settings, and thoroughly tested for stability.


Enjoy your gaming PC

Usually, within just 48 hours, your computer will be ready for pickup. You can sign into Steam and be ready to play your favourite game in seconds.

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Custom gaming PC

Your dream gaming PC built by professionals

We believe your dream gaming PC should look like you imagined and perform better than you expected. A fully balanced system is the best possible power for your money.

Windows 10 Pro license

All our custom built computers include a genuine Windows 10 Pro license.

30 day tune up service

Want to tweak your gaming PC performance? Our customers get a free 30 day tune up.

5 star Trustpilot reviews

You want the best PC building company to build your gaming PC; we have the skills.

Available 7 days a week

Custom PC Genie can be reached by phone call, text message or email 7 days a week.

Gaming PC build service

Get your dream PC built, tweaked and fully tested by a professional.

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£ 240
Price includes Windows 10 Pro license
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Building gaming PCs in Aldershot for any occassion

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