Computer build fail?

Beginners make mistakes. If you tried to build your brand new gaming computer and it's not going to plan you should call Computer Genie experts for help. Get a professional to build your brand new gaming PC.

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Don't make an expensive mistake

Trying to build your brand new and very expensive gaming PC can be quite challenging. But when things go wrong it could be a very expensive lesson. Don't waste money and get professional computer builders to put your PC together.


New PC case install

When you want to swap all the computer parts into a new case but are not sure how.


Incomplete build

Not sure where all the wires go or how to assemble an expensive new cooling block?


Troubleshooting error

Brand new computer not turning on and you have no idea why it's not working?

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Computer build service

All our builds come with Windows 10 Pro installed, fully tested and ready to play with 30 day tune up service.

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£ 240
Price includes Windows 10 Pro license
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Why Custom PC Genie?


Expert builders

We have been building and repairing high-performance gaming computers for years.


Ready to play

All computers assembled by our staff are carefully tested and tweaked for the best performance.


We are gamers too

Oh yeah! We play games too so we are happy to answer any of your questions.

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